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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Sactionals - modular furniture review

Sactionals furniture, made by Love Sac, is appealing to people who may plan to move because it can be reconfigured and disassembled to load in and out of a regular car or suv. It comes in sections of bases and sides which can be attached in almost any configuration, and covers are purchased separately so the upholstery on each piece can be customized. They also promise that the covers are removable and machine washable.

We bought a setup of 3 bases and 4 sides for our living room. The customer service at the store was excellent and they loaded it into our cars for us and off we went. Unpackaging the furniture and assembling it, however, was not so easy. There are youtube videos of people setting this stuff up like it's the easiest thing in the world to take it apart and rearrange it any time. Not the case. The covers are nearly impossible to put on, the little clamps that hold pieces together are also close to impossible to connect to both pieces. To assemble what amounts to a chair and loveseat took five hours.

So needless to say, we won't be redecorating and rearranging the furniture every day, and will probably avoid pulling the covers off to put in the wash if at all possible. However, it is nice to know that if we move or need to change things around we don't have to buy new furniture, and they are very very solid and probably the most comfortable pieces of furniture I've ever sat on.

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