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Saturday, November 6, 2010

5 Tips For Massachusetts Sellers this Season

There's no doubt that selling a home during the winter months can present some unique challenges - but with some preparation, it can be sold efficiently and smoothly. The following are 5 key tips to get your home sold:

1) De-clutter! When we begin spending more time indoors, our stuff seems to pile up. Don't let it. Pay extra attention to main living areas and clear out as much as you can to make your space appear larger and cleaner. Use attic space if you have it, or if you have to, it can pay to rent a storage unit while your home is on the market.

2) Don't forget outside areas. No, you don't need to spray paint to lawn green and stick plastic tulips in the flowerbeds (please don't). Pay special attention to entries and decks, making sure they are clear from snow and ice, look neat and inviting, and are well-lit. If you have holiday decorations up, use them to your advantage! Just be sure they are tasteful and neutral so buyers can picture themselves living there.

3) Maximize light. When days are shorter and darker, it's even more important to do what you can to make your home look bright. During the day, open the curtains, and at night see if there are parts of the house that could benefit form some extra accent lighting - then remember to use it!

4) Make it cozy (and not the cozy in real estate ads that means small). Crank up the thermostat, light a candle or two, and make sure the house smells more like fresh baked bread than musty sweaters. Of course, at an open house a good real estate agent will help  take care of all of this.

5) Most importantly, price it right. Your agent should prepare a market analysis to show you what similar homes in the area are selling it for. Then, price your home competitively right when you list it instead of aiming too high and then having to lower your price while buyers lose interest and move onto other properties.

If you are selling your home, or are wondering what it's worth, contact me for a free competitive market analysis.

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