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Thursday, February 2, 2012

Don't Buy This House!

Every day, I see lots and lots of listing descriptions. Most use their 200 words to take advantage of the many adjectives available to highlight a home's better qualities - if it's a "majestic, sprawling, newly renovated estate", you can usually expect a decent property (even if the "estate" is under a thousand square feet). But what about when you should "come to are open house to see the custome cabinets with granit countertops, new vynal siding, included home warrantee and alot of possibilyties for apartyments"? The one blurry picture taken with a cell phone makes it hard to tell whether there's a house on the property or not.

Please, State of Massachusetts, make the real estate exam harder and throw in a writing component so the rest of us don't look bad!

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