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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Alligator Boots

This is the About Me on my website. A funny story about the kind of real estate agent I DON'T want to be (although I couldn't pull off this guy's look if I wanted to!).....

When my husband and I were looking for our first house, before realizing the benefits of having a good buyers' agent, we found a listing in a great town for half of what similar homes were selling for. I called the listing agent and asked to see it. He said "Okay. It needs a little work." For the price, a little work was fine with us. A few days later, we pulled up to the house behind a huge, rattling boat of an old car. A high heeled alligator boot emerged from the front door, followed by a huge, tattooed, hairy guy in a wife beater wearing a ten gallon hat. We probably should have taken that as a sign to drive as fast as we could in the other direction, but we followed him up to the house. After opening the door, Alligator Boots (the real estate agent whose real name we never found out) informed us that we probably wouldn't want to go in. Looking inside, we saw a shell of a house which had been completely destroyed inside by a fire. This would have been useful information before we had taken time off of work to come and see it in person since as first time buyers, we thought "a little work" meant changing the countertops (of course, now, this is just the kind of project I would love to take on). 

We quickly said goodbye to Alligator Boots and countless other real estate agents along the way, who we just didn't click with. Finally we met Ed Hughes, who didn't mind spending months with us looking at everything from one bedroom condos to five bedroom single family homes, all within a 30 mile radius of Boston; he even made it fun! We eventually found the right house, and several years later, after getting completely addicted to real estate, I decided it was time to get my license and team up with Ed. I already had a pretty good idea of what not to do, and Ed's expertise and my experience in development and design prepared me for an extremely successful career.

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